Friday, March 17, 2006

usually wednesday is a good day. but it didn't start off so good. every other wednesday i remember to put the bin out the previous night. and the garbage is usually collected sometime during the day.

wednesday morning, for the first time, i heard the garbage truck come while i was still in bed. typically, it was the first time i hadn't put the damn thing out.

thursday turned into IT nazi day. i'm spent a few hours trolling the network looking for mpg, mp3, avi files and stuff like that. it added up quite quickly. about 500MB of movies, mostly multiple copies of jokes, and a truckload of jpg files. plus the usual powerpoint files that users didn't compress properly.

thursday arvo, on my way home, i nearly crashed. my over 35's soccer team was training! usually they train, warm up and warm down in between the start and finish whistle of the games on thursday nights. 2 weeks till the conk starts.

3rd grade training tonight. only it's st patrick's day. i can see training ending up being at the local pub :-)

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