Friday, March 24, 2006

finally friday. not been as successful as i would have liked getting km's on the new car. only 600km so far, so another 1000 to go before i can start taking it past 4000rpm.
i've given up driving over the mountain for now though. it's too easy to rev too much while trying to overtake. so i've found a few other windy roads that'll keep me from sitting on the same speed for too long.

no driving this weekend though. back on the boat. i think i'll need retraining as it's been 5 weeks since i was onboard. i'm looking forward to it. a new group of people to play with and irritate.

plus i've got to find a post hole digger so we can put up the soccer goalposts. the season is upon us. and with even less than our usual crappy preparation :-)

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