Monday, February 20, 2006

well i'm paying the price for a big weekend. i should have had an early night on friday, as saturday we went waterskiing at 7:30am, then headed off with a group of mates for a bucks party. but friday was a send off at work, so we had a few drinks and stayed up too late and had a great time.

there were only about 3 boats on the river, it was great. tried to do a beach start again and failed totally. my friend who owns the boat tried to go barefooting. ended up doing some really cool somersaults but no success at barefooting.

then there was canoeing, a mud fight, cricket, and a few bars before we ran out of steam. at the second last pub the buck was refused service, so we came home to our local where we didn't have a problem, except that the pub shut. but we were stuffed by that time (or maybe just me).

sunday i had the kids and went to the bbq at my mum's. some of the kids musta stayed up late saturday as well, by 3 pm 4 of us were asleep on chairs, sofas and on the floor. maybe on day i'll lead a healthier lifestyle....

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