Monday, February 27, 2006

very little happening in the world of the rat

the weekend was good though. i borrowed my brother in-law's mgb for my friends' wedding. they were going to use it to take the bride to the church, but her dad hasn't driven a manual for a while and didn't feel happy about driving it. so we just ended up using it for the wedding photos.

i told the photographer not to zoom in too close on the car as the paint job isn't too good, and neither was the last second rush job i did washing it.

i had fun driving it around for a few days. it doesn't like sydney traffic much though. unfortunately the temperature gauge is working fine, which gave me something to worry about. on the way to the wedding on saturday morning it reached 115 degrees as i crawled inch by inch out of northern sydney. once i finally got past the roadworks/gridlock thingy i put my foot down and it spluttered and complained heaps, so i gently coaxed it up to about 40 mph (old speedo, it's a 1963 car after all) and let it cool down, which it did quite quickly. poor thing needs thermo fans for stuffing around in traffic.

on saturday arvo, after the photos, it was my job to dump the mgb in the bride & groom's garage and bring their car to the motel they were staying at. the first time i hit the brakes i nearly headbutted the windscreen, then i remembered that in new cars you have to wear seatbelts. and then on sunday arvo, after driving home then over to my sister's to swap back to my car i nearly hit the stupid park brake looking for the clutch. whichever idiot put the parking brake next to where the clutch should be in a toyota camry should get a boot up the arse.

going around kiama bends was funny. a group 6 harley riders were blocking the right hand lane, and even slower traffic in the left. i found it amusing that not only did a 43 year old 4 cylinder corner better than a harley, but it was quicker in a straight line too. only i couldn't get around them, it was as bad as trying to overtake a mack truck. i got rained on a bit, but then the sun came out and i remember i hadn't put any sunblock on. oops. red nose again.

fortunately i didn't see any mr plods on the highway, partly because i was having so much fun, and partly because after 62mph=100kph i keep forgetting how much is 110 and 120, you can usually get away with 120kph in a 110kph zone, which now i use a calculator i find is about 75mph, oops. oh well, speedo is probably innaccurate anyway.

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