Wednesday, February 15, 2006

sorry guys and gurls, i'm floating around with my head in the clouds.

got some cool stuff coming up though. most especially a ride day at eastern creek. i'm hanging out to find out how it compares to phillip island, when it's dry. however i already know it's a lot more of a "muscle" track. but it can still be fun. i'm hanging out for our next trip south though. words do not adequately describe the endless fast corners down there. fucking awesome only comes close...

Dirk, before you die, go there for a track day. you will never regret it. as long as you've got good road tyres it really won't matter what you ride, but you will be buzzing forever

disclaimer: you're a dude, so you probably don't need it, but just in case. "before you die" doesn't imply anything there's lotsa stuff i wanna do "before i die". but really, really, ride that fucking track. it's better than the telly.

i really can't describe it, i've been around oran park, amaroo, eastern creek, but phillip island is just something else.

by the way, have you read Valentino Rossi's book? want to? i'll send it up if you email me an addr

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