Monday, February 13, 2006

forget friday the 13th, monday the 13th is my bugbear. sure, kooky things happen to me on friday the 13ths, but monday the 13ths are usually worse and/or wierder.

so i've pretty much spent the whole day trying to avoid doing anything that could screw up for leave me emotionally scarred.

until about 8:30am when i got to work.

actually that reminds me of a joke: the brain is a wonderful organ. it starts first thing when i wake up in the morning, and doesn't stop until i get to the office.

cue clueless rat at work. he forgot he came in on sunday for an upgrade to our mail server. (cause i have a 30 second attention span). boss rumbles in, "looks like everyone has a problem sending emails" he says. oh shit shit shit!!!

5 minutes of frantic action, then i can't find/reproduce the problem. damn, what's going on? casually ask the boss, who had the problem? oh, a girl who just came back from 3 months off, and him. her problem was a setting, his is more complex, but still, not "everyone". breathe in, breathe out.

this guy is a computer genius, and i don't mean that sarcastically, he really is. but putting the boss hat on makes him do kooky things. like freak out his poor (clueless) middle management (me).

at the end of the day i've survived, finished about 9:00pm, after yet another unsuccessful brush with windows-fucking-mobile devices. and a 5 min phone conversation with the object of my affections. well at least i have a more interesting hobby now than computers. they aren't much fun anyway after you turn 16, except for my playstation ;-) anyway, new hobby. i half have this girl's attention. i know she is a little interested. i'm interested, sometimes too interested, wheels spinning and brain frying. so my hobby i think is to see if i can somehow impress this bird enough to spend some more time with her.

could be fun. and by jingo, by crikey, by golly, by gum, i sure like having fun :-)

thus ends the ridiculous rant of the day.

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