Wednesday, February 08, 2006

anyway back to the more urbane, and away from the soppy stuff which only embarrasses me the day after when i read it sober.

on my way up to the big smoke on the weekend i came across a strange bunch. it was a swarm of italian motorscooters heading into the city. it looked like they'd been on a run somewhere. lambrettas, vespas and some other ones i couldn't work out. they were buzzing like a swarm of angry wasps, having a great time. and wobbling all over the place too.

we had a malaguti yesterday a few years ago as a pit bike. it was the wonkiest looking thing we'd ever seen. also we had to replace the wiring loom and bodge up the ignition part of the loom with electrical tape as some loser had put in the battery back to front and burned out some of it.

it was heaps of fun. despite hating being pillion on any motorcycle, me and my brother rode the thing all round the place. usually with the driver's feet around the headlight, with spare wheel and tyre underneath, and the pillion facing the wrong way holding the other wheel and tyre, on our way to the tyre changing garage. rather than walk 25 metres we'd grab the pit bike :-) i think we put over 200 km's on it on the one weekend at eastern creek, without driving out of the entrance once. top speed was about 95 kph, but it was a bit wobbly so we didn't do that very often. doing wheelstands on it was more fun.

the little box at the rear, which looks like it should hold a spare wheel, wouldn't quite fit a pizza. and unfortunately the ducati guys beat us in the wonkiest looking scooter stakes, with some strange cagiva thingy.

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