Sunday, January 29, 2006

what a huge weekend.

on the boat from wednesday arvo until sunday arvo. our favourite group. dive 2000.

wednesday night we had it figured. i stay up late one night, the boss stays up late the next. that way we don't get trashed each night, we take turns. only it didn't quite work out that way. the first night i went to bed early (well earlier) and the next i stayed up. we thought they'd run out of puff after a few days. didn't quite work out that way. each night they stayed up, and so did we, and we partied and partied and last night was the biggest. a feathers (for the girls) and mask (for the boys) party, with cocktails.

we were dancing and drinking and singing (all badly, except for the drinking) and ended up laying on the upper deck watching the stars when we turned off the generator. with this really cute chicky, who i've had a crush on for ages, who now says she is interested in me.

what is it with my life? not interested in a relationship, due to previous history of disasterous relationship skills, and now i'm caught up in it again, and am completely unable to walk away from it. i think it's the lightning bolt again, 3rd time. i can't say what i'm thinking, cause that'll make it reality. so i'll just say that yet again i'm worried about screwing up. drat. target fixation. don't look at the pothole, look at where you want to go, and you'll go there.

each time this hit me before, it was big, so this could be big. part of me hopes it is again. but i think there's another part of me that is so afraid of screwing up, that it'll screw me up early to avoid all the pain.

enough deep and meaningful. got a couple of cool dives in. well cold as well, but it was fun. really enjoyed the dives. my hand is healing up ok, didn't hold me up much in my work. we had a couple of interesting moments. at one stage we had our divers down, doing a dive, and we started dragging. we had to pull up the anchor and move back in again. only a diver was on the anchor. rather than swim away, which is what i would have done, he came up with the damned thing. shit, if that anchor is moving, i don't wanna be anywhere near it. fortunately he just came up with the chain and wondered what was going on, rather than getting donged by the anchor itself.

common sense must be an optional extra.

although sitting on the back deck, getting damp from the dew/moisture stuff, looking at the pretty stars, doesn't exactly reek of common sense.

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