Tuesday, January 31, 2006

well i'm starting to feel domesticated now. can't do the rain dance every day, so yesterday i had to mow the lawn. this time i didn't manage to damage either myself or the mower, so i think that means i have a 50% success rate when mowing.

it ran fine for a while, then blew smoke (not too much though) for a while, then ran fine again. it's got me stuffed. the oil level was fine when i finished. so if it does it again i'll go and bother the mower hexpert.

talking to banks etc... about loans this week. i'm in two minds though, but i might as well go through the motions. i can always back out if i change my mind. i've got some time up my sleeve and don't have to decide right away. although i'd prefer not to have to move again!

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