Wednesday, January 18, 2006

well, depsite the huge mess left after toasted sandwiches last night, i thought i'd try it again. chicken and vegetables (page 40, kid's cookbook, fun step-by-step recipes (believe it or not, the top results for this isbn were all in russian)

and i doubled the mess. at least the kids ate it, and were full, and didn't complain. a big plus.

in the new house, don't own it yet though. still, it's nice to be somewhere by myself. oh and the kids are here for a week and a half.

unfortunately i've discovered a way to co-erce myself into washing up. i only unpacked 4 sets of plates, bowls and cups. so each meal i need a clean set. well at least until the kids go home. then every 4-8 meals, depending on if i can eat off the small plates as well and lick the forks clean. :-)

the weather is crap, but i don't care. complaining about the weather is a waste of time. goin to the movies tomorrow. hopefully we can find one a theater that isn't packed.

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