Tuesday, January 24, 2006

last friday is going in my diary as "clumsy day". nearly finished moving into the new place, and on friday, finally it stopped raining. so i decided to mow the lawn.

i haven't even got a mower any more, so i borrowed (permanently) my sister's as she gets someone to mow her lawn for her. only i had to get it serviced first. pick up mower, put in trailer, drop off. get mower, pick up, put in trailer, bring home. pick up mower, start mowing.

push mower up the length of the house, then back again, empty catcher, repeat. finally i finish doing the front of the house, now for the back (and not so far to walk to the compost heap). pick up mower. burn shit out of hand on exhaust. stupid motherfucking idiot.

15-20 mins with hand under running water. mow the rest of the lawn whilst icing my right hand, trying to mow with only one hand. ice runs out, mow for 30 seconds, hand starts to sting, get more ice, repeat.

finally i finish the lawn. i hose off the mower, only i leave it running to try and avoid it getting water anywhere it shouldn't. which is probably a complete waste of time as it's not gonna be running again until i next mow. oh well. so i prop it up (while still running) onto the front wheels so i can hose it out underneath. 30 seconds later it makes a knocking noise and stops. oops.

it starts up again, but now it's blowing smoke. great. when it was propped up on the front wheels the piston was pointing downwards, i think something wierd has happened to the engine. gonna mow again today, then i'll know...

(unless it rains again of course. cue rat doing rain dance)

so that night i'm working on the boat. so i'm vacuuming, whilst still icing my hand. tread on the power lead about 500 times, curse, swear, continue.

the cook pesters me to try some pawpaw cream on it. "it's really good for burns" she sez, reading the side of the container. turns out it is really good. really good for sealing them, making it sting like all shit, and then swelling up like a little balloon.

note to self: next time, don't let her do medical experiments on you, stick to the ice plan.

got adsl hooked up at new house. yay! now i have to do some wiring for the computer, bleah!

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