Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i'm gonna blame Ranger Tom for this. just after he posts about wierd dreams then i have one.

it's about my ex-wife. i won't bore you with the details, except she crashed the car, then was in a truck crash, and there was fire and stuff everywhere. i'm woken by the phone, it's her, her dad passed away last night. (Here's to you Norman, yer a good bloke and i'll have a drink or two to your memory).

ok, i did know he was in hospital for heart surgery, but we thought all was good, looks like complications might have got him a few days later. which is the hospital version of geek speak to say they have no fucking clue. her kids are fine, they hardly knew him, she seems not too screwed up, but i did tell her about my dream (she'll believe it more than me) and made sure that her partner will be driving her around/looking after her. her eldest brother (and a good mate of mine) is pretty broken up. as you would be.

been moving house, washing kitchen cupboards and other wierd shit like that. i'm a little up in the air, gotta get myself organised.

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