Tuesday, January 31, 2006

well i'm starting to feel domesticated now. can't do the rain dance every day, so yesterday i had to mow the lawn. this time i didn't manage to damage either myself or the mower, so i think that means i have a 50% success rate when mowing.

it ran fine for a while, then blew smoke (not too much though) for a while, then ran fine again. it's got me stuffed. the oil level was fine when i finished. so if it does it again i'll go and bother the mower hexpert.

talking to banks etc... about loans this week. i'm in two minds though, but i might as well go through the motions. i can always back out if i change my mind. i've got some time up my sleeve and don't have to decide right away. although i'd prefer not to have to move again!

Monday, January 30, 2006

having found myself living alone, for the first time in my life, i found this article about about single households while looking for something else. i thought it was amusing, though i didn't agree with all of it.

now to annoy some banks :-)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

what a huge weekend.

on the boat from wednesday arvo until sunday arvo. our favourite group. dive 2000.

wednesday night we had it figured. i stay up late one night, the boss stays up late the next. that way we don't get trashed each night, we take turns. only it didn't quite work out that way. the first night i went to bed early (well earlier) and the next i stayed up. we thought they'd run out of puff after a few days. didn't quite work out that way. each night they stayed up, and so did we, and we partied and partied and last night was the biggest. a feathers (for the girls) and mask (for the boys) party, with cocktails.

we were dancing and drinking and singing (all badly, except for the drinking) and ended up laying on the upper deck watching the stars when we turned off the generator. with this really cute chicky, who i've had a crush on for ages, who now says she is interested in me.

what is it with my life? not interested in a relationship, due to previous history of disasterous relationship skills, and now i'm caught up in it again, and am completely unable to walk away from it. i think it's the lightning bolt again, 3rd time. i can't say what i'm thinking, cause that'll make it reality. so i'll just say that yet again i'm worried about screwing up. drat. target fixation. don't look at the pothole, look at where you want to go, and you'll go there.

each time this hit me before, it was big, so this could be big. part of me hopes it is again. but i think there's another part of me that is so afraid of screwing up, that it'll screw me up early to avoid all the pain.

enough deep and meaningful. got a couple of cool dives in. well cold as well, but it was fun. really enjoyed the dives. my hand is healing up ok, didn't hold me up much in my work. we had a couple of interesting moments. at one stage we had our divers down, doing a dive, and we started dragging. we had to pull up the anchor and move back in again. only a diver was on the anchor. rather than swim away, which is what i would have done, he came up with the damned thing. shit, if that anchor is moving, i don't wanna be anywhere near it. fortunately he just came up with the chain and wondered what was going on, rather than getting donged by the anchor itself.

common sense must be an optional extra.

although sitting on the back deck, getting damp from the dew/moisture stuff, looking at the pretty stars, doesn't exactly reek of common sense.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

last friday is going in my diary as "clumsy day". nearly finished moving into the new place, and on friday, finally it stopped raining. so i decided to mow the lawn.

i haven't even got a mower any more, so i borrowed (permanently) my sister's as she gets someone to mow her lawn for her. only i had to get it serviced first. pick up mower, put in trailer, drop off. get mower, pick up, put in trailer, bring home. pick up mower, start mowing.

push mower up the length of the house, then back again, empty catcher, repeat. finally i finish doing the front of the house, now for the back (and not so far to walk to the compost heap). pick up mower. burn shit out of hand on exhaust. stupid motherfucking idiot.

15-20 mins with hand under running water. mow the rest of the lawn whilst icing my right hand, trying to mow with only one hand. ice runs out, mow for 30 seconds, hand starts to sting, get more ice, repeat.

finally i finish the lawn. i hose off the mower, only i leave it running to try and avoid it getting water anywhere it shouldn't. which is probably a complete waste of time as it's not gonna be running again until i next mow. oh well. so i prop it up (while still running) onto the front wheels so i can hose it out underneath. 30 seconds later it makes a knocking noise and stops. oops.

it starts up again, but now it's blowing smoke. great. when it was propped up on the front wheels the piston was pointing downwards, i think something wierd has happened to the engine. gonna mow again today, then i'll know...

(unless it rains again of course. cue rat doing rain dance)

so that night i'm working on the boat. so i'm vacuuming, whilst still icing my hand. tread on the power lead about 500 times, curse, swear, continue.

the cook pesters me to try some pawpaw cream on it. "it's really good for burns" she sez, reading the side of the container. turns out it is really good. really good for sealing them, making it sting like all shit, and then swelling up like a little balloon.

note to self: next time, don't let her do medical experiments on you, stick to the ice plan.

got adsl hooked up at new house. yay! now i have to do some wiring for the computer, bleah!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

well, depsite the huge mess left after toasted sandwiches last night, i thought i'd try it again. chicken and vegetables (page 40, kid's cookbook, fun step-by-step recipes (believe it or not, the top results for this isbn were all in russian)

and i doubled the mess. at least the kids ate it, and were full, and didn't complain. a big plus.

in the new house, don't own it yet though. still, it's nice to be somewhere by myself. oh and the kids are here for a week and a half.

unfortunately i've discovered a way to co-erce myself into washing up. i only unpacked 4 sets of plates, bowls and cups. so each meal i need a clean set. well at least until the kids go home. then every 4-8 meals, depending on if i can eat off the small plates as well and lick the forks clean. :-)

the weather is crap, but i don't care. complaining about the weather is a waste of time. goin to the movies tomorrow. hopefully we can find one a theater that isn't packed.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i'm gonna blame Ranger Tom for this. just after he posts about wierd dreams then i have one.

it's about my ex-wife. i won't bore you with the details, except she crashed the car, then was in a truck crash, and there was fire and stuff everywhere. i'm woken by the phone, it's her, her dad passed away last night. (Here's to you Norman, yer a good bloke and i'll have a drink or two to your memory).

ok, i did know he was in hospital for heart surgery, but we thought all was good, looks like complications might have got him a few days later. which is the hospital version of geek speak to say they have no fucking clue. her kids are fine, they hardly knew him, she seems not too screwed up, but i did tell her about my dream (she'll believe it more than me) and made sure that her partner will be driving her around/looking after her. her eldest brother (and a good mate of mine) is pretty broken up. as you would be.

been moving house, washing kitchen cupboards and other wierd shit like that. i'm a little up in the air, gotta get myself organised.

Friday, January 06, 2006

yay its friday

i didn't even know it was friday until about an hour ago someone told me. i'm so drained i don't care. but i'm sure i'll be happy tomorrow morning when i don't have to get up.

looks like i'll be buying a house. which is good and bad. good because now i'll have my own place, with room for the kids etc... bad because financially i'm very disorganised and i'm gonna have to get my shit together. might take me a month or so to fix a few credit card problems up :-)

Monday, January 02, 2006

how boring, gonna blog about the weather

got to about 43-44 degrees here yesterday. it was scorching. the kids spent the entire day in mum and dad's pool. finally the southerly change came through yesterday evening and after a bit of rain last night, today is a much cooler 18 degrees.

still, i'm going to the beach :-)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

you know what i really hate? those moments when you look back at some of the completely stupid, clueless (scroll down for clueless), idiotic and tactless things you have done.

well maybe that's just me. but there's lots

shite, what if i still do shit like that and will look back in years to come and cringe?

with one or two notable exceptions, just about everything that has screwed up in my life, has been my fault.. if i had half a fucking clue, i'd be still married, own my own house, boat, bike, car i want etc, etc, etc...

i'd be amazed if there is anyone in the world with a lower opinion of me, than me. having said that however, i was looking for the original quote for clueless (below), didn't find it, but i found someone even more clueless than me. simply fucking amazing. i mean i am a loud obnoxious know it all, and those could well be my good points, but this idiot could perhaps make me look good.

i am all for life, the environment and family and i love my kids. but i will defend to the death my ex-wife's, sister's, mother's, daughter's, friend's and complete stranger's rights to choose their own family and their own lives. they are not vessel's to be filled, but people with lives and goals.

the reason i was looking for clueless, was because it describes me, but i think the author (not the idiot i linked to, but whoever he copied it off, he's just a second grade idiot) of that shit i found deserves the golden fucking clueless award.

You are so clueless that if you dressed in a clue skin, doused yourself
in clue musk, and did the clue dance in the middle of a field of horny
clues at the height of clue mating season, you still would not have a

happy nude year!

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