Saturday, December 24, 2005

well so much for an xmas eve dive. went skiing instead.

and i'm out of condition again, still, whatever....

unhinge worn out record, insert new one, woops, still out of condition.

but i'm happy about a day playing on the water. so i'm sitting at home, stuffing around on the intermanet, when one of my mates rings up.

he's been going along a dirt road and someone going the other way has been driving in the middle of the road. we all do it, but when someone's coming the other way or if you're going through a corner, you move over. this person didn't and my mate had to move out of the way, over the shoulder into the loose shit.

and then everything got loose and stuff. to cut a long story short. he managed to get everything going straight (so as not to hit a tree side on and kill his son in the back seat) and centre punch a tree and write off his car.

oh well, it's just a fricking car. all else is good. bit of a scare though.

so i gave him a big hug, which hurt like a bastard cause he's bruised, so i laughed. at least you're alive.

well. got an xmas eve ski in. i'm happy with that. my mate's son is ok, as is my mate. actually, i think i'm a little stunned, but i'm ok.

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