Friday, December 23, 2005

well it's not the night before xmas yet, and thats good because i've still got over half my damned pressies to buy.

the kids are the worst. i thought that meant i was a terrible father cause i didn't know my kids well enough to know what to buy them. except i rang my ex and she doesn't know either. so that made me feel a bit better.

i dropped off a late birthday present and xmas present for a mate of mine's daughter last night. she was impressed, except she already had the present i got her for her birthday. oops. plus a spider bit me on the arse on the way up to their place. i think that's a subtle hint that i should clean up my room and pick up all the clothes on the floor, as it's not the first spider i've found in my clothes.

i managed to win an mp4 player in an xmas raffle. i didn't even know such things existed. one of the companies we buy off said that anyone who wanted to, could donate $10 to the smith family, send a copy of the receipt to them, and be entered in the draw. i thought it sounded like a good idea so i went in it. it'll give you some idea of the quality though when i say it can be set to work in either english or some asian picture language, and the instructions are written in engrish

if you don't know what engrish is, then a good way to get an idea is to take a sentence, translate it to another language using babelfish, then translate it back to english again. voila! engrish. another way is to buy a cheap korean video player and try and read the instructions.

hanging out for the end of the day. hopefully i'll finish buying presents, have a coupla drinkies, and get an early night for our xmas eve dive. each year the dive club has an xmas eve dive, but usually i'm working, this time it's the weekend so i'll get to go.

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