Wednesday, December 07, 2005

well the cat didn't run away, it's back and is behaving like normal (neurotic, paranoid and generally freaked out)

so i check the mail, a couple of big huntsmen spiders, well probly wolf spiders, i'm told that you only get huntsman spiders over in western oz, acting nonchalant on the letterbox. well one was nonchalant, the other had his head bitten off, i probably caught them in the middle of getting up to mischief.

my daughter doesn't like spiders, and when she was little she couldn't say "huntsman" correctly, so she'd run through the house saying "look out for the husbands!"

the cats turn up, and run away, so i leave them food and bugger off. in the house and something lands on my neck, i frantically brush it off (thinking of husbands) and turn on the light, but it's only a grasshopper. so i mumble cursewords at it and go in the kitchen and turn on the light, a couple of big bush cockroaches try and run away without drawing attention to themselves. too late, it's the sandal for those two.

i've had enough playing with the animals, i'm going to bed

ps: a quick look in the fridge has revealed a coupla beers i'd previously overlooked. i spare a moment for a couple of kind thoughts for my mate who's house i'm babysitting. they may be light beers, but i'm as dry as..... a .... very dry thing

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