Sunday, December 11, 2005

thank the gods for saturday. saturdays are my favourite days. fun fun fun

woke up late, with a hangover. oh well, you get that. then picked up the kids and went water skiing. first ski of the season. so we were particularly hopeless. on my third run i was locking my fingers together cause i had no strength left to hold on.

drop off boat and kids and head for drinkies with over 35's. pre season drinks. the season starts in march. :-)

then leave there early to go to my work christmas party. i'm on my best behaviour as it's at the same location where, about 2-3 years ago, i got the shits with the dj and threw a glass of beer over her (and subsequently got kicked out of the work social club for months). long story and no-one ever said i was blessed with a large amount of common sense. so i behaved, drank, danced, gossiped, and generally had a great time and upgraded my hangover for today.

weekends, and especially saturdays, i love 'em!

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