Tuesday, December 06, 2005

my memory serves me as usual

this morning i'm ironing a shirt for work. being the super organised person that i am, i'm living out of washing baskets. rather than folding everything up, ironing the work shirts, and putting everything away properly, i run late every morning

so anyway, i'm ironing my shirt. and i'm thinking to myself that i really need to get organised with this stuff (see above) especially as i'm gonna be house sitting for a friend of mine. hmmm, that's gotta be coming up soon, oh shit.....

i'm meant to have moved in on sunday arvo and been feeding the cats since then. so i head out there first on my way to work. of the 3 cats, two were outside and were living off dried cat biscuits and water, so that was cool, and one was locked inside, shut in one room. woops. i find a note on the bench saying how they couldn't find one of the cats when they left, it's probably inside somewhere.

the cat was less than happy. nor was it happy to see me. i hope the little bugger doesn't run away. i went out there at lunch time but it hadn't magically re-appeared, and i'm only about 50% sure that it's out of the damned house anyway, so i left some food inside just in case.

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