Monday, December 19, 2005

hmmmm, monday monday

got a new cd-player on the boat. it'll play anything. the last 3 electronic sulking machines (cd players) were excruciatingly fussy. they wouldn't play about a dozen cd's from the libarry on the boat. so with this new player, i had a chance to play some music i hadn't heard for a while. i really like "monday monday" by the mommas and the papas (i've had a few beers, that don't look right), but anyway, i put the cd on, and i'm as happy as can be, for about 10 mins, then i'm bored. sure, mama cass has a great voice, but after the first coupla songs, i'm over it, need variety, skip to next disc

i can listen to credence for a bit longer, well the whole cd as it turns out, coupla other wierd cd's in the mix, but variety is good.

water is warm, viz is better than it has been, and i manage to get a few dives in on saturday. how cool is this. it's a little wobbly though, the easterly swell is getting right in, wobbly just about everywhere. and it's one of those wierd forecast days. when we heard it we thought they were on drugs. the wind changed about 5 different directions during the day, we were lucky, just before we put the divers in, for the afternoon dive, we started dragging anchor, so we pulled it up to move, and it got a bit ugly, so we moved to the south side of the bay.

these divers were made of really cool stuff.. a lot of them were in their diving gear for nearly an hour before getting in, and they were still happy. the divesite we took them too was a cool spot, but not that clear unfortunately. and a little wobbly still. when we moved to our night dive location we thought all would be good, but the weather changed yet again, so we moved to our "get out of jail" location which would be calm.

sunday started out very bright, right in the fucking crew quarter's windows. i finally give up and get up and we get it all ready for brekkie.

we head outside the bay for our first dive and the water is blue. i drop down our 18 metre shot line, and despite refraction from the swell and surge, i can see the damned rope down to the weight. shit. i don't get to dive on sundays, too busy. fuck fuck fuck.

we drop a few of the more experienced dudes in at 35 metres, one on a rebreather, the other on open circuit, they have a fucking awesome dive. viz is 30-40 metres at that depth. pricks. but they said when they got shallower to where the other divers were the viz was pretty crap, about 25 metres says Sven. and here i thought he didn't get english too good. nothing wrong with his sense of humour. "you suck" i say with a grin. he's grinning like a cheshire cat. shit i woulda been too. when it's blue like this you put up with a bit of swell. coupla sea sick people though.

not me though. travacalm for breakfast (usually with a borocca) and all is good. swell gets too bad, i lie down and shut my eyes and go to sleep. eventually i'm right

these buggers lucked the best viz of the year. we're going for a xmas eve dive though, maybe we'll get it too ;-)

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