Monday, November 14, 2005

what a great weekend. i'm feeling a little tired and sore now, but i'm still feeling pretty happy.

we had a group of people on board from Snorkel Inn in Kogarah. these guys were great fun, we really enjoyed having them aboard. despite the visibility being crap, the weather was warm and mostly sunny, and they stayed up late friday and saturday nights, having a few drinks, playing loud music and laughing and having a great time.

unfortunately it was my turn to stay up on saturday night. the crew did their usual "crew behaving badly", and then some of the customers started joining in. usually i stop after 2 vodka shots, but we got a little silly and i think i stopped at 5, or 6, i think. i was a little bleary on sunday morning!

the weather on sunday was even better than saturday and some of the customers felt obliged to sun themselves in their bikinis in between dives. the crew appreciated that very much let me tell you :-) sometimes i really hate my job.... (NOT!)

i took some photos, they all turned out crap, this picture of a wobbegong is the least crap. he's about 4-5 foot long. i had a dream last night that i bought a decent strobe for my camera. maybe i should convert that dream into reality...

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