Sunday, November 20, 2005

well that was a great weekend.

the local dive club came on for their annual trip away at home. the diving was less than fantastic on saturday, but even though the visibility was less than exciting, there was heaps of stuff to see at the dive sites we usually don't go to.

one of the cooks was on as a customer, while our newest (cutest) cook was on as well. that saying about too many cooks.... well it's all true. spell nuisance.

but we managed to get both of them pissed on saturday night and a big night was had by all. we did fancy dress on saturday afternoon, so there was no night dive, so after filling my last tank at about 5:30, it shower and beer time. but the earlier you start, the earlier you finish. about 1:30am only the crew was still awake, so we shutdown the generator and the boat went to sleep.

and just in case:

the cook is not single, and i'm not interested, she's cute but that's all

diving while under the influence of alcohol is not recommended. the first drink of the day, is the last dive of the day. i felt seedy on sunday morning, but i wasn't hungover.

i love scuba diving. it still amazes me how hard some people can make it. you don't have to get lost, you don't have to swim far. on some of the most fun dives of my life i haven't swum more than 15-20 metres from the anchor.

it doesn't take 30 minutes to put your gear on and get in the water. i didn't know at the time, but once the boss put the stopwatch on me. i was helping everyone get ready to get in the water, no one had yet jumped in. she said "wanna go for a dive?"

2 minutes and 30 seconds later i was in the water, first. i had to go to a locker at the front of the boat and get my tank and weightbelt, to the top deck for the rest of my gear, assemble it, put on my wetsuit and then scuba gear, then get in the water.

all the customer's gear was already assembled, and their wetsuits were hanging up waiting. this weekend, as i'm in the dive club and was working for free, i felt the need to do normal dives, rather than come up early and be helpful and stuff, so i'm doing some nice, long, relaxing dives. i came up from my dive about 5 minutes after the last divers had got in, and i'd been in the water for 45 minutes.

i'm not blowing my own trumpet here either, my boss, and the cook (girls, so they use less air anyway) would both have easily outlasted me underwater. i'm not particularly fantastic on my air consumption, but i always find it funny how long it takes some people to get in the water.

my first dive today was a good example. usually i'm a bit naughty and all my dives are logged with the buddy's name of "Han", it's short for "Han Solo". today one of my mates was diving with me as his missus had ear problems. i'm in the water about 5 minutes before he finally gets in. i get buzzed by a seal, (photo tomorrow) in the meantime but it doesn't hang around. we do our dive, get out, relax, shower, get changed, stuff around, then the other divers start getting out.

no, there is no point, i'm waffling. but, when you're away on a dive trip, and it's time to go diving, all you have to do, is put on your dive gear, and get in the water.

sorry, my bad, it's a perspective thing, until you're the poor bunny sitting on the boat waiting for the divers to return so you can raise the anchor, serve the meals and generally keep things running to schedule, you'll never understand why we want you get get in the water and get on with it :-)

but then, divers are special people, they do kooky things. some of them are even kookier than me. gotta love that

and if you think this is all unstructured, drunken gibbering, you win a prize!

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