Thursday, November 10, 2005

well, friday is almost upon us. thank the gods for that.

soccer tonight, we managed a draw against a team that shoulda kicked our arses. so that was all good. now i feel good. maybe i should give up working. it just makes me cranky.

so now i'm playing my favourite game. it's a computer geek game. actually it's a computer geek game from the '80's. ever played dungeon? or adventure? it's text based. it's kinda like both of those, a level i never new existed when i was playing dungeon (on a digital vms system). multiplayer, and lots of enhancements, still text based though. some of it is based on ad&d, other stuff on, well other stuff :-)

i like it anyway, gives me a brain workout, and no cranky lusers (local users, or just losers, your choice) giving me shit and i can just relax and play.

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