Monday, November 07, 2005

today was one of those days.

i woke up feeling generally unwell, we not really unwell, not particularly hungover, but not happy and realised that i really really didn't want to go to work. so i used up some time owing to me and took the day off. this isn't entirely without precedent. we're allowed a day off every 3 weeks, if we have enough time up, and the 3 week period ends at the end of next week. seeing as i've got a few people away next week, this week was the ideal time to have it. to i made it today.

the boss is back from having a few days off, so no doubt he is champing at the bit to interrogate me about what i've been doing, and why hasn't everything been achieved. well he can wait and do it tomorrow.

i did some stupid chores around the house and thought that i would finally get around to going to the gym and do some exercise. good for the body, good for the brain. unfortunately i've come to the conclusion that i'm the most out of condition i've ever been in. in fact i think i'm the most out of shape, out of condition, and generally unhappy that i've been for a long time. and i don't like it.

so i think plan a is to stop drinking for a while, especially after a stressful day at work, do a little more exercise, and give myself a set date to aim at. say sometime next may, how about the 15th. drinking for more than a few days straight tends to screw me up emotionally, i think i've been saturated for too long.

i'll try get back to drinking only on weekends, doing more exercise, and try and sort myself out a bit at work. if i still feel like shit by the 15th of may, then i'm gonna chuck this fucking job. and go north surfing for a while. or something...

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