Thursday, November 17, 2005

summer soccer again tonight. physical exercise is always good, helps exorcise my daemons. when you're puffing for breath and trying to keep up, there's no time for dwelling on faults, guilt and fears. it's go hard or die trying.

the first half we play the best we have ever played. we are winning 2-0 and we are simply amazed with ourselves. 1 minute into the second half they score, oops, a bit of to-ing and fro-ing and we end up hanging on by our fingernails for a 4-3 victory. i do some of my usual klutzy moves, i get taken out by the keeper and end up in the air about 3 feet above him, and fall on him, woops, sorry dude, i take out 2 of their guys with similar klutzy manoevers. woops, sorry, my bad. but i enjoyed myself. i thought we'd lost, as i don't count really well either when trying to run and breath.

a coupla beers afterwards at the pub. at least i had one beer free night, tuesday. next week i'm working on monday thru wednesday. we shall see...

ps: ever noticed that when everything is cruisy and good, that i don't write much. but when i'm screwing up heaps, feeling like shite, and generally miserable, that i produce heaps of crap on here?

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