Monday, November 21, 2005

some piccies from my weekend

when i jumped in a lone seal swam past. didn't stay to play though. i found a 4 legged sea star. i've never seen one of those before. i've seen a 5 legged one with a missing leg, but they grow back, this one looked like it was only meant to have 4.

barry the bull ray tried sneaking up on us when we weren't looking. his favourite game during night dives is "murder in the dark". he'll sneak up behind you, if you turn around and see him, he'll swim away. the boss says if you wait until the last second, he can't stop in time, and he'll swim right over you. he's about 5 foot in diameter across the disc.

found a cuttlefish in a cave, another looked like he was asleep.

a little nudibranch which i somehow managed to get in focus, and two more as well.

i wasn't looking where i was going and nearly ran into this port jackson shark. he was content to sit there while i took a few shots, which meant i'd almost certainly found him before the cook, she would have grabbed him by the tail and stirred him up.

i also managed (by accident) to find a red indian fish. whenever i go looking for them, i never find them, this was pure luck. a friend of mine on the boat in the background behind a wobbegong shark that we found. a fish called a bastard trumpeter i think. dunno who comes up with these names...

i also found these tiny nudibranchs. the big one is about 2 mm long. i didn't even see the littler one until i zoomed in on the picture on my computer.

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