Wednesday, November 16, 2005

my little sulk of the day :-)

one of our outlying areas sent an email to their boss, which she forwarded to us. it was about some computer problems they were having and "why wasn't anything being done!"

turns out the first problem we thought we'd resolved months ago. at the time, after trying some changes, we asked them to let us know if it happened again. their other problem is that they have problems accessing the internet on some weekends. likewise we've asked them to contact us.

so of course they didn't bother telling us they were having problems again, they just rebooted 500 times and when it eventually came good, they thought that they'd fixed it by rebooting. (it's possible, but unlikely) cue forward a couple of months until now, they email wondering why we hadn't fixed it. sorry my esp is broken.

so, again we ask them to call us and log a call when its mucking up, so we can fix the problem. so one of them rings up this morning and says "we've been told to log a call when it mucks up" as though we won't be able to fix it. turns out she's right. she didn't bother ringing up while the frikking thing was playing up. she rebooted 500 times and when it worked, THEN she rang up.

if it ain't broked, we can't fix it.

so i sent back more simple instructions. when computer stops working, remove hands from keyboard, then ring for help. don't touch...

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