Thursday, November 03, 2005

i have found a new definition of annoying.

one of our main software packages has stopped working. one department completely relies on it, and about 20 other people from various other departments. not to mention their customers.

but get this, the head of the that department, and heads of other, similar departments from all over the country, are all at a conference with the software supplier right now. ok, technically it's a conference, but really they talk for about 30 minutes, then they see some stand up comedian/hypnotist, play golf, have drinks, have dinner, have more drinks... you get the point?

my problem is that i've rung up asking for technical support. and there's no-one available to help me, they are all at the fucking conference. the lady who answered the phone said that someone should get back to me in about 30 minutes. i can't get upset at her because she's just doing her job and doing what she's been told. but i still think it's fucking ridiculous.

i would probably have been slightly mollified if she said she'd page or call one of them and they should get back to me in 30 minutes. but i told her that it was kinda urgent as said package isn't working for our whole organisation, and she replied she'd tell the first person who walked-in-the-door...

if someone rang my helpdesk with a similar problem, and none of the techs were available, and i wasn't here either, they'd be bouncing off people's mobile phones until they got someone to drop whatever they were doing and get over and fix it.


they got back to me, more than the promised half hour, about an hour i think. and gave me a bodgy-brothers solution to prevent it happening again. like my mate's self-adjusting clutch. you adjust it yourself.

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