Thursday, November 10, 2005

finally got around to booking my day on the track at phillip island racetrack. we're going down for two days, the 22nd and 23rd of november. i'm only booking for the first day in case we throw the bike down the track or something stupid like that. i'll worry about wednesday on wednesday, and if i miss out, i don't really care.

looks like the slow group for wednesday will still have places anyway. i was told to avoid that group and go for the next quickest, it could be the kooky slow person who does wierd stuff who takes you out. oh well. wait and see now.

my mate just rung up and asked if was excited yet. i think my excitement gland is on holiday. so the stress and having-a-shit-time-at-work glands are taking it's place. nearly recovered from tuesday night, soccer again tonight. so i'll be whining about old age and stuff again tomorrow :-)

on the boat this weekend, and no weekends off until the 3rd december. with the lovely warm weather i'm looking forward to it. the water is still cold though, gotta fix my hood tonight while i'm thinking of it or i'll have another ice cream headache when i get in the water on saturday arvo

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