Friday, November 11, 2005

finally frikking friday

i was having a pretty shit time of it too. after i rebooted a server last night our online map system stopped working. and a few other little headaches. very depressing.

anyway. we're getting rid of these two old line printers. they are about the size of two bar fridges, but heavier. we've had them for nearly as long as i've been here. they weren't much good when we got them, but they did last a long time. but now they are stuffed and we're sending them off to the scrap metal yard.

this dude turns up to pick them up in an old f100 one tonner. he reverses back, i tell him when to stop, then he turns off the engine and jumps out, except the motor won't stop, it's coughing and spluttering and carrying on. "stop!" the guy tells it, and gives it a bit of a kick. ever seen the movie uncle buck? well the motor coughed a bit more, then BANG! it backfired and shot black smoke out the back. scared the shit outta me. then i had the giggles for about an hour.

lunch at pub. beer is good. bring on the weekend, it's boating time :-)

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