Wednesday, November 23, 2005

the end of day 2 at phillip island, we're just driving out of the pits now on our way back home. it's gonna be a big night, i think i'll get home around 3:00am. but i'm as happy as.

the team who organise the phillip island ride days are really organised, and the track is fantastic.

after putting on new slicks i went out a little slower to scrub them in, turned out i was going quicker than the previous day. the first session was pretty unco though. some really kooky mid corner changes of direction and stuff. i'd catch up to someone going slower, but someone quicker than me would catch up and get in my way, then i'd catch them up again.

in between each session we'd have a yarn about what we were each doing, and i told them about getting the death wobbles down the straight. then they learned that i'd been snapping the throttle open in 4th, 5th and 6th. so they told me to get my bum further back, weight on the pegs, and open the throttle a little more gently. tried to get onto the straight quicker and by the end of the day it was working a dream, and a lot more comfortable.

by the last session i'd worked out a few new places to overtake, and managed a couple of 2:01 lap times in the last session. fun fun fun. and slick tyres are awesome.

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