Monday, October 31, 2005

while we were in Cairns, we met this crazy dude. after a while we asked him how ended up bein there. he told us he'd been heading to Darwin.

he started from Sydney, armed with the money he'd been paid recently, and was working his way along via Cairns. his hilux shit itself, and needed a new head for the engine. so he kinda got stuck for a while, living off the money of his recent work, and trying to organise to fix his vehicle.

then the bank, being the arseholes that only banks can be, pulled the rug out from under him. he said that they had cleared the cheques and put the money in his account, then after he spent a fair bit of it, they told him the cheques had been bounced and left him in the red.

mother fucking losers. (however he did end up recouping the money from the people who wrote the cheques, eventually at some stupid minimal monthly repayment)

so anyway, he told a few of his mates back down in Sydney that he was stranded and one mate told him he'd recently blown up a hilux motor, but it was the bottom end that had gone, so the head should still be good.

"can ya send it up to me?" he asked

"sure, no worries". only they were renting a house at the time, when they blew up the motor, and when they left, they buried the engine in the backyard.

so they did a moonlight raid, dug it up, removed the head, and sent it to Cairns.

dunno about you, but i thought that was funny as...

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