Wednesday, October 05, 2005

no stuff about new girlfriend. we are still going out, and i'm still in three minds about whether or not i even want a girlfriend. so the more easier and laid back it stays, the more chance there is i'll put up with the situation. if we see each other too often or it gets too intense, i'll run away.

for the next two weeks though, that shouldn't be a problem. my holiday is nearly here! 2.5 more working days to go, unless i get called in again on the damned weekend. fly out next tuesday for a motorbike trip from cape york to cairns. every time i go on a motorcross bike i usually end up having at least a few stacks. so the chances of that over the next week are quite good.

at the end of the trip i'm gonna go out on a day diveboat called "passions of paradise". i watched this boat get launched down here, and after sending some photos of the launch, with a 100 ton crane, to them they said if i was ever up their way i could go for a free trip with them. count me in ;-)

that is assuming i haven't screwed up my days...

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