Wednesday, October 05, 2005

my last weekend on the boat was quite fun. didn't get up to too much mischief, managed to finally take my new gear for a dive, and got an ice-cream headache from the cold water. partly because it was only 14 degrees, but mostly cause i haven't gotten around to trimming my hood so that it fits over my drysuit.

i managed to take some pics too. they are crap, but you get that. you'll have to use your back button to get back here, cause i don't like opening new windows, they irritate me. alternatively you can right click the links and "open in new tab" if you use firefox.

the moorings that we sometimes use are held in place by long chains which end in these little shovels. the chains are almost all submerged, but you can see where they are from the growth that seems to be attracted to them through the sand, and also on one mooring, but all the little octopusses (spelling?) that seem to like to live next to the links. maybe they think it's a golf club.

in the bottom left of the shovel picture you can just see the shape of a bottle sticking out. turned out another occy was in there with it. musta been a vb bottle or something.

this is a little jelly bean anemone all curled up in a ball. about an inch across. it's a crap picture, but the least blurry of the pics i took of it, and i liked it.

finally this little cuttlefish was having a standoff with an occy in among the weeds. it's about 20cm long, finally they stared each other down and took off.

the long weekend (a weekend later) was a lot more relaxing. went out friday night, drank too much, slept in until the nasty sun woke me up. i took the kids to see an old lighthouse on sunday and ran into some friends who said that while i was out there, i should get some prawns, and feed the prawn shells to the moray eels at the entrance to a little creek. sounded like fun

so we got out there and dragged the esky with lunch making stuff down to the rocks, opened the prawns, to find they were still frozen. doh! open them up to let them thaw about and go exploring with the kids. little crabs in the rocks and the kids got splashed by the sea, so they were happy.

so them i start peeling the prawns, and the flies come. bleah! so while i peel the prawns, i get my daughter to shoo the flies while my son butters the bread. shove all the prawn shells in a plastic bag that keeps blowing away in the wind, and run away from the flies to eat somewhere else.

then we chuck all the prawn bits in the water, but it's too rough to see the morays, and all the prawn bits all disappear so we watch the crabs instead.

next time, eat and peel prawns somewhere else, preferably at home. avoid dragging stupid esky all round the place, and avoid rotten flies. bring prawn shells to the same place (cause it was quite nice) but on the other side of the creek where it wasn't so rough, so we can feed the morays and then go for a snorkel.

anyway, back to mum's for a swim cause after walking back to the car we're all hot and bothered again. it was a pretty spot though...

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