Friday, October 28, 2005

day 8

last day. it's over 200km, but mostly dirt road except for the creb track.

i draw the short straw and get a ktm425. it's great for the track, but a little hard on your butt on the highway...

oh and i just remembered what other mischief i got upto. they had a jukebox in this pub. i put some really bad stuff on, including but not limited to songs by wa wa nee, prince, and best of all, liberty valance by gene pitney.

our poor tour guide had liberty valance running through his head all night. and made the mistake of telling us the next morning. so anytime he was putting in his earplugs and getting ready to ride out from any place where we were stopped someone would say "wait, wait!", "what?" he'd say, and someone would yell "when liberty valance came to town....!" and he'd swear and curse and ride off hehehe

we headed south from the lion's den, through a couple of aboriginal communities to get to the creb track. there was so much dust on the roads getting there you had to be very careful about oncoming traffic and not even attempt to overtake anyone. plus leave gates as you found them etc... which is all par for the course anyway.

the track itself was awesome. the most fun track of the trip. climbing up steep bits, sliding down steep bits, jumping over stuff, little creek crossings. i'm beginning to think i've got the hang of these little creeks. i just stop and have a look at where everyone else went through, and follow their wheel tracks into the water. but at one crossing i see a different set of tracks going through and figure it's Scottie (guide) who is just ahead of me, so i follow his tracks and hit a deep bit. woops. but i make it through ok.

some of the climbs were just great. and they've graded these humps to avoid erosion, so if you're climbing up at any speed, you're gonna get airborne. the main thing coming back down was making sure you didn't get airborne coming back down, over blind bits and finding that the track was no longer underneath you. it was like a huge rollercoaster ride. but as there was the possibility of oncoming traffic, bikes and 4wd's we had to be a bit careful. didn't encounter any fortunately.

at one creek crossing everyone is waiting on the other side. because of the bigger rocks on the creek bottom we have to push the bikes through to avoid falling over. one of the crazy kiwis comes over to guide me across and has me halfway upstream before i realise he's pulling my leg and i shoulda gone straight across. then it's up a little climb, well climb for me, walk in the park for the others, and off we go again.

at the last creek crossing everyone is again waiting on the other side. no tricks this time, although i was a bit nervous, a couple of these creek crossings get deep just before you climb out. but no problems and we're out.

bitumen now to mossman for lunch. winding in between cane farms and kooky cane trains. then winding along the captain cook highway into cairns and we're there.

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