Friday, October 28, 2005

day 5

motogp day. today is not a very hard decision for me. follow the others on a harder track, or scream down the highway to the archer river roadhouse to watch the motogp.

one of the guides is driving the support vehicle as the cook is riding again, so the guide follows me down the highway in the support vehicle. dunno what the track was like, they were in a hurry as well to get there to see the race. they give me the honda xr650. might as well try it out and see what the difference is. the others call it the starship enterprise. goddamn. this thing is so much easier to ride on the shitty highway, and in sand as well i'm getting better, fortunately i don't have to play in any twisty bits and i have a relaxing day. the guides tell me to mostly cruise in 4th, at around 80-90kph, and only worry about 5th if i start cruising over 110kph.

caught up to a truck which stopped to let me past, then i caught up to another one, i could see a long straight and though i had a chance of getting past, then all i could see was white as the truck had hit bulldust. so i slowed down for a bit. later as we were gathering firewood for the campfire, the guide tole me that it's easiest just to pull up and stop, rather than trailing along behind them.

we got to the roadhouse in time for the last couple of laps of the 125's, then watched the 250's, the others arrived part way through. then we watched the main race, had a few more drinks, and passed out early.

the nights are getting cooler now, so i'm sleeping a lot better. the swags we're sleeping in hold a bit of heat, even though you can take off the waterproof top and just sleep under the mesh. i actually sleep in the sleeping bag for a little while before getting too hot and having to get out again.

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