Thursday, October 27, 2005

day 3

rest day

today is our last day at the campsite before we leave for our trek.

we weren't on the bikes today, a day off for us and our guides.

two of the guides go off to a tour to Thursday Island and Horn Island. the rest of us decided to go fishing, but if they were relying on us to catch dinner, then everyone was gonna go hungry.

the fishing boat charter operator took us to Rex Hunt's famous wharf and chucked in a net a few times to get bait to catch some bigger fish, and put them in a little live bait tank. then we trolled for a bit looking for another fish that was, yet again, gonna be used to catch another bigger fish.

a wierd boat though. no matter where you were on the boat, once you started pounding a bit in the waves, everyone got wet. usually i reckon the rule of thumb on a boat is stand behind the driver and you'll stay dry, not this time though. it was hopeless. we cruised around possession island, had a look at the monument put up to commemorate captain Cook sticking a flag in the ground, and generally didn't catch a damned thing. which is pretty normal for me, but the operator wasn't too happy. oh well. i was getting bored anyway.

back to the camp and it's drinking and bludging by the pool again.

the guys hand me a motocross magazine and show me an article containing the 7 steps to riding in sand. step 1, gas it up, followed by a description, step 2, gas it up, step 3, gas it up... you get the picture

tomorrow starts our trek south

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