Saturday, September 03, 2005

yesterday i had one of those days that sometimes makes me think that i don't need to give a stuff about timing. everything i did, i got there just in time. i was walking around looking for another pub, i rang one of the people i met up with at the convention, turns out that just as i rang, i was walking past his hotel, he saw me out the window. i didn't even know what hotel they were in.

i didn't think i had very good timing today though. as i left the airport in sydney i started getting messages on my phone. it turned out that our main file server had shit itself. terminally. so much for good fucking timing.

i end up at work, instead of relaxing after a big day travelling (and still hungover from partying late last night). one of my team is talking with dell technical support, in malaysia. she ended up spending over 3 hours on the phone, i had to have a few turns talking to him, i couldn't understand a damned word he was saying.

another of the team turned up later. his project has been building the replacement for this box. now the replacement is a whole lot more urgent. the boss turned up and left. he didn't want to fix the damned thing. he just wanted to go home and have a few beers. i don't blame him in the slightest.

so i'm stressing to the max, trying to work out how to get out of this mess. turns out that what i thought was shitty timing, was actually good timing. the server didn't shit itself during the week, the new replacement box can be probably made ready and finished by tomorrow afternoon, and my team members were very positive about the whole thing as well. pizza at work for dinner, then we continued.

tomorrow is going to be a big day, but i reckon we'll have a successful one. and i'll owe my team another debt of gratitude. they really dug in deep and came through for me. much as no-one wants to be at work on a weekend, the extra dollars in all our pay packets next week won't go astray either.

now for sleep

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