Thursday, September 15, 2005

well last weekend was pretty cool.

unfortunately i had a bit of a cold so i couldn't go diving. the other deckie made up for it by jumping in the water at every damned opportunity.

we had dolphins surfing the bow wave, and then on saturday night, they were swimming around the boat under the floodlights teaching the baby dolphins how to catch fish. so i was pretty impressed with that. they were the common dolphins as well, instead of the bottlenose dolphins we usually get in the bay. usually they are a lot shier, but this lot were having a great time.

on sunday we went and dived with the seals. the customers all had a lot of fun, i just tried to avoid being seesick as i wasn't feeling the best.

the week since then has been fairly shithouse, and i went out with friends for dinner last night to find out that another friend of mine has been in hospital since last weekend. he had a hole in his lower intestine. the hole has since closed, but the complications from that mean that he's getting operated on this afternoon and will be off work for 6 weeks.


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