Tuesday, September 20, 2005

no photos from the dolphins i'm afraid. my crappy little digital camera doesn't do low light that well.

last weekend was fun. the over 35's had their end of year trip away. to the rosehill racecourse. we stayed at rydges in paramatta on friday night, went out to an irish pub and drank some beers and watched cute chicks in green dresses do some kind of tap dancing.

the next morning we went to the track. the best i did was won $8 on one race, unfortunately i bet $5 each way, so i still lost $2. so pretty much it was a good reminder to me why i shouldn't bet on horses. after a day of drinking at the track, then some drinking at a pub, rsl and nightclub and i was feeling a little worn out.

then it was up at sparrow's fart on sunday to drive home and get the kids for a birthday party at mum's. i wasn't exactly the life of the party, and the kids had a late nite as well, one of them went and had a nap as soon as we got there.

i won't bother going into the crap that's been happening at work. it's too depressing

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