Sunday, September 04, 2005

the granny factor

the team got the new box up and running. fucking awesome.

at this conference i went to, i attended a security seminar. this dude, Steve Riley who was giving the seminar is easily the best speaker there.


the next best speakers...
Corey Hynes, Jesper Johannsen and Raj Natarajan

/ digress

anyway, he asked us who of us trusted our system administrators. nearly everyone put their hands up. he was impressed. when he did the tech-ed tour in the united states he got a lot of people asking him questions about how to prevent sysadmins doing naughty things. about 85% of them in the united states didn't trust their sysadmins. (his answer, if you don't trust your sysadmins, fire them, i agree totally)

i trust my administrators. they don't all know everything, they all can't do everything. but i trust them not to try anything too stupid that they can't do. and i do trust them to accomplish what they can. this weekend has, i believe, proved and matured my team.

we worked out a few ways forward, were unable to repair or return to our existing machine, and when i talked to the person responsible for going the new server, he reckoned he had it covered. so i let him run with it. nothing like good timing and good people. it's a fucking rush. one that i recommend to no-one though.

anyway, back to the granny factor. my grandmother's (on my mum's side) clock has always had a temperamental personality. you can level it perfectly, and it will fail to run, turn it around so it faces the wall and you can observe the motion throught the rear door, and it will run for months at a time, turn it around again, and it will stuffup and screwup, and stop every 6-12 hours.

push the key under it's right hand side, wind it twice a week, and fuss over it, and it will run forever, but not straight away. the important thing to remember is that my grandma Kathren (i'll never remember her as that, she was grandma Kitty, no idea why) had a sense of humour, and her clock is a fussy shit.

last weekend, before i went away for a week, the stupid thing had stopped, only a day after being wound. i wound it, pushed the key underneath, and fully expected it to stop (as usual) after about 3-4 days. it's meant to be an 8 day motion, but i've never managed more than 5 days. 7 days later, for the first time i ever knew, it is still running. the hands are in the wrong place, but it's still running, and when it's about to stop, it runs slow, it's still running on time.

i know you're watching Kathren (i hope you don't mind, i like that name better) and i know you're just playing with our heads. i'll be winding that clock until the day i die, even if they have to replace everything in it. the most comforting noise i've ever heard is waking up at 4:00am or 3:00am just before it doings (it clicks first, i think i hear that) then hearing it doing the time. it's like i'm a little kid sleeping on your verandah again, all is good, and all is right.

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