Friday, September 09, 2005

finally friday

whinge whinge, whine whine. i'm sure you've heard it all before.

i've finally arrived at friday. not in too fantastic shape though. after a week of shit, i'm feeling run down and i think i'm getting a cold.

fortunately i don't have to work with computers on the weekend, as i couldn't get out of being on the boat. i'm feeling fairly relaxed about that though. i need a break. on tuesday or wednesday i was quite ready to tell the boss to shove it and follow my predeccessor. unfortunately i don't like leaving my team in the lurch, so i'm hanging on for the greater good. as they have been doing. they've been working hard to hold up their respective ends. they all look stuffed.

maybe after a weekend of physical activity filling tanks and manhandling divers, instead of brain bashing, i'll feel better. it's worked in the past so i'm counting on it.

the weather forecast isn't too flash, but i don't care. my thermal t-shirts are all in the wash and will be dry by boarding time...

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