Sunday, August 28, 2005

well here i am heading off to the annual geek conference in brisbane. tech-ed. last time i flew i flew with a different airline (can't remember which one though) and they had some kind of lounge where, for about $5, you could hang around playing play station, xbox, trolling the intermanet and get paged for your flight so you didn't miss it.

i'm flying jetstar, there a qantas lounge, but it costs $600ish to join, and being the jetset traveller that i am, i figure i wouldn't even pay that much each year in flights, let along in a lounge.

so i'm playing on the internet at $2 per 10 minutes instead. how excitement.

you don't get allocated seats either, they announce that we're boarding, then we have a free for all to get the best seats.

oh well, work is paying for it, so i shouldn't whinge too much. got my craptop in my bag, doh! i'm an idiot, i've got one of them wireless intermanet cards. shoulda just used that. but i think i look too much like a geek already, without getting out my own craptop and trolling the net with that...

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