Sunday, August 28, 2005

the takeoff over sydney was spectacular. usually when i fly out of sydney you just end up over the ocean and there's not much to see. this time we went over the city and i could see the harbour, all the little bays etc... and as we flew up the coast, until we reached newcastle we were over the sea so i could look out my window and check out the awesome view of all the bays, lakes and harbours. i never realised there were so many waterways.

the sun was going down in the west, and it was at just the right angle so that every body of water from the coast to the horizon would show up, and a certain distance away, as the sun would reflect directly off them, the flashing of and all the bright little specks of water looked like a huge magic opal stretching to the horizon.

it turned out that the lady sitting beside me was from the south coast as well. she was flying up because her husband was in a rubber ducky race (you know, the psycho surf lifesavers) and had one. she flew up for the party. the flight was probably cheaper than some taxi rides i've had...

we flew in over burleigh heads i think, some big waterway below us, the surf was up and a guy on a huge mal was just turning his board around to paddle back out. bastard. then out into the crappy weather (it was warmer in sydney). you could smell the fuel from the engine, and see some smoke fumes wafting out of the rear of the jet. the terminal at coolangatta is a lot more laid back than sydney. across the tarmac to the terminal, and 5 minutes later i'm gone.

now to find some beer and some food...

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