Thursday, August 25, 2005

soccer semi-final tonight. we lost. so it's all over red-rover for us.

oh well, shit happens. a few beers afterwards, organising our trip away, laughing with the other team. it's all good. the rest of the team is gonna be there next week hurling drunken abuse at the teams that beat us this week and last week.

i'm gonna go and give my physio a few more dollars for this cute physio chicky to torture my back and left hamstring again. after my treatment yesterday i felt all hunky dory. after tonight, i want a wheelchair. oh well, i'm not dead yet.

one thing i forgot from last weekend on the boat. it was international lighthouse and lightship weekend. we heard a bit of a report on the radio about the changed lighthouse flashes and the reason, next thing the old lighthouse starts flashing. it was really cool.

the new one is a bit poofy in comparison.

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