Wednesday, August 31, 2005

owing to the influence of the free beer at the x-box welcome party last night (didn't get to play x-box though) i managed to sleep in this morning. feeling just a little seedy...

it didn't take long to exceed the recommended limit for redbull, check my email (ok, i am a computer geek) and get bombarded with information in the seminars.

the first one was pretty good, the next one was really boring, the next one was really fast, lots of messy scribbled notes. missed the last seminar cause they were all too boring, one to go then time for a feed.

so far the typical indications of a computer conference have included broken computers, buggy operating systems, and free stuff. i have, would you believe, apart from heaps of crappy demo cd's and information sheets that i will probably never look at again, a usb power mini-vacuum. freaky

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