Saturday, August 13, 2005

an interesting week

soccer is meant to start at 12:15. i was running kinda late, ok, it was all my fault, but i did get there at 12:10, to see the damned game already in play. doh!

we ended up winning 3-2, but missed out on the semis anyway, we needed another team to have either a scoreless draw or lose. oh well, shit happens.

but it's been a big week. played last saturday, then a catchup game for over 35's on monday night, we won. played the 3rd grade version of the same team on wednesday night for the 3rd grade catchup, a 2-2 draw. played thursday night and drew. if we'd won we would have been the over 35 minor premiers. damn. oh well. then played today.

and work. forget it. i'm over it. work sucks. thank god for weekends

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