Sunday, August 21, 2005

a huge weekend. i really enjoyed it. i would have enjoyed it more if i'd had a chance to go for a dive on saturday, but that's an occupational hazard.

on friday nite i went to bed early (12:30 ish) so i would have enough rest to potentially stay up late on saturday night. the trip back tp the mooring was sensational. 4 dolphins came to ride the bow wave, and for about half the trip, the bioluminescence in the water was a bright blue. you could see the blue bubbles streaking off the dolphins as they rode the bow wave. it was kinda like what they'd look like in a wind tunnel.

i was cold, but didn't want to leave my spot in case they were gone when i returned. every now and then they roll onto their sides, still being pushed along by the wave, as if to look at the wierd humans on the boat.

saturday night the skippers went to bed early-ish, leaving me in charge. so i'm sitting there, yacking with our new cook, (who used to be the bed-making-fairy) when this drunken idiot barges into our conversation, addresses her, and ends his statement with "you bitch". our new cook fairy, and i, exchange glances, as if to say, "did that stupid fuck say what i thought he did?". yes, he did. i try to express my unhappiness to said fuckwit, but the glazed expression told me all i needed to know. he started to get a bit louder after that, but rather than start a confrontation, i figured i'd play my ace and see if fuckwit wanted to bluff it out.

so i went and woke up the boss and filled him in. i said i reckoned the best way to diffuse the situation was to announce the imminent generator shutdown, he agreed so he went down, told them it was too late and the generator was goin off, and i shut it down.

turns out the stupid fool carried on for another hour or so, annoyed some of the female customers who were trying to get to sleep, and generally made a complete dick out of himself.

this shit never happens. all our customers behave, even the pricks. it was very mother-fucking-annoying. i spent an hour or so talking with the cook, but she's made of sterner stuff, she wasn't bothered. i hope so, she fits in well with the team, the right kind of kooky humour.
anyway, up until then, saturday had been buzzing, after that, it was dead boring.

the weather turned it on for today (sunday) and it was grand. the previous night's fuckwit took a few rounds of abuse from his mates, and hopefully learned a lesson. but i hope he doesn't come back. i prefer happy drunks. got issues? feel like starting a fight? go somewhere else for it.

at the end of the weekend, despite fuckwits impression on saturday night, i enjoyed the weekend. i'm completely stuffed, but it's physical, not mental. after a big day at my normal job, i'm mentally screwed, after a weekend on the boat, i'm physically screwed, suffering sleep deprivation, and grinning like a cheshire cat.

i don't do my weekend work for the money. 4 hours overtime at my normal work pays the same as fri night through to sun evening, i do it because it's fun, and i get a coupla cool dives out of it. the new relationship is suffering i think, i'm trying to find the right moments to express what i think.

i didn't want to be in a relationship, i wanted to stay single, now i am no longer single i envy my single time, but this girl's companionship is very nice. i'm completely clueless at this shit. something will screw up, i enjoy company, but i can't do intense. we shall see.

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