Monday, August 01, 2005

Gianna had an interesting post on scripture today. kinda brought back memories of my childhood.

my parents found out that scripture was being taught in my school when i was in year 1 or 2. i'd been kicked out of scripture for asking difficult questions. ok, maybe i was one of them painful, curious kids.

my dad found out and went mental and asked them what they thought they were doing by putting me in scripture without his permission (only not quite that politely)

so the teachers complied with his wishes, and excused me from scripture. they thought to punish me by making me spend the whole scripture lesson outside the infants (or whatever the lower half of primary school is called) principal's office. in front of a bookshelf full of books. it was then that i found that i loved reading. now that i think about it, i think i was the only kid in that school who didn't attend scripture. and for teaching me that i love to read, i think i owe the moron scripture teacher a permanent debt. the teachers i had after that, who caught me reading in class when i was meant to be listening, can send hate mail to the same stupid individual.


in primary school, 5th class i think, my teacher was waxing lyrical about some shit, and i was reading my book under the desk. i kinda came to, to see the whole class looking at me, and the teacher saying that if she didn't know better she'd think i was reading the whole time she'd been lecturing me for not paying attention (she was right). i think i was about to turn the page then noticed the quiet.


for the second half of primary school (4-5-6 classes) i was at a new school. for the first scripture class they just kicked me out and i wandered round the school. after that they told me i had to go to the library. heaven. there was only one other kid in there the whole rest of the time that i was at that school, through 4th to 6th class, that didn't attend scripture. he was chinese.

my parents told me that they thought religion was a very private thing, and that it wasn't for me at school, or something like that. so when i was asked by idiots at school, i repeated that back at them. fortunately they didn't tell me that they just didn't believe any of it or i'd have repeated that and got my head punched in even more times by the arseholes i had to go to school with.

my highschool was fortunately a lot more sensible. i could go to scripture if i wanted to, during my lunch hour...

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