Friday, August 19, 2005

finally friday

at risk of boring you with yet another soccer roundup...

we lost the first semi final last night in a penalty shootout. fortunately we thought ahead, and after extra time, when we still hadn't broken the tie, they subbed me off so i didn't have to take part in the shootout. the final score was 2-2, the penalties we lost 6-5.

i shouldn't whinge, but they reserved, for us, for the semi-final, the worst referee in the entire competition. there are bad refs, and there are incompetent refs (which is why i don't referee) but this guy is the best of both. as usual, by the end of the game, both sides were looking at him incredulously, wondering how someone could be so dumb.

so now we have to play the winner of the game preceding ours, next thursday, to see who goes into the grand final to play against the team we played last night. we're quietly confident, which could be our undoing :-) whatever, i'm just in it for the beer.

flexi day today. slept in very late, lunch at the pub, then tidying some of my extreme mess and packing my dive gear and stuff for a weekend on the boat. first weekend on the boat in months, so i'm sure i'll screw a few things up. i'm taking my dive gear, but seeing as i haven't shaken the flu properly yet, it's unlikely that i'll be diving.

avagoodweekend everyone

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