Monday, August 01, 2005

behavin' like an idjit at the snow

finally managed to leave work about 1-ish on thursday and escape for a long weekend. got up there around 6 to find that one of my mates had injured himself, but they were all having fun. by about 10:30 we were all passed out from drinking.

friday looked bit bleak, but we thought we'd drive up to the snow (staying at jindabyne) and check it out. not great, but i've been out in worse, and i'm so amped i'd have gone snowboarding if it was hailing. only probably not for very long.no-one else in my car, or the cabin i was staying in, ended up buying lift tickets, they all bailed out. so they all reorganised cars so they could leave me behind (thanks guys!). only a few other people out of the 30-odd people that were in our group skiied at all that day.

i didn't care, by lunch i was stuffed. i finished up at about 2. freezing my arse off but grinning from ear to ear.

we had a few drinks, went to the local pizza joint and ate some pizza (plus took home some for brekkie, yum!) and drank more beer. all good.

saturday looked a lot better. so we went adventuring. i lost the group i started off with, but ended up with another group from the same mob of people that went up. we went up and down and round and round, and generally they spent a lot of time laughing at my stupid stacks. but you get that. then we caught up with some of the others, changed around groups a bit, the girls went off with the girls and the idiots went off to try a run my mate liked. goddamn. what fun. through the trees, over a jump, survived! kept going through more trees, round motorcross-like-burms (do you say burms or burns?) falling on my arse all over the place. round the last burm and into a bumpy bit, and surprise surprise, i fall on my arse. my two mates are waiting at the bottom of a little hill, between a little jump they've just gone over (presumably successfully) and a big jump on the right. what the hell, i ain't dead yet, i hit the big jump. woohoo! and land on my arse. my mates piss themselves laughing.

we did that run another 3-4 times, i hit that jump everytime, and not once did i survive the landing. it was hell funny though.

we eventually get back to the front valley, meet up with our lifts and drive back. i'm exhausted and sore and bruised. we go to the jindabyne hotel to watch either the "inside sport" magazine model search, or a snow bunny party, or something like that. there's 30 seconds of my life i'll never get back. gotta be the quickest model search thingy i've ever seen. only this is the first one i've ever seen (is that sad?!) so maybe they are all this lame.5 girls in bikinis quickly, one at a time, walk up on stage, walk around to 10 seconds of whatever song, then off for the next one. 3 minutes later they do it all again, wearing jeans.

how excitement

whatever. by about 11:30 i'm feeling fairly trashed (what a stayer eh!) so i go back to the cabins, wake someone up, and crash. at about 1:30 the rest get back, wake everyone up, and generally go feral. a bit later some of them crash out, and one of the dudes grabs some unsuspecting victim's mobile phone and starts sending out messages to randomn people in his address book. one of the guys in the other room got a message at about 3:30. "missing you, wish you were here, your angel....". he got a few interesting replies the next day, and didn't have any credit left :-)

sunday was a bit sunnier than saturday, but a bit windier at the snow. surprisingly some people didn't feel like going boarding/skiing today. they were feeling a bit under the weather. we went and had a blast. went up mount perisher, and froze my arse off. it had to be done though. it is such a cool run. only you have to get over there to the bottom, then take the cold lift to the top, then do the run, then take the damned lift back up so you can ski off back to the other valleys.

we went over to midstation to meet the others for hot chocolate. but we missed them. so we had gatorade's instead as we were feeling a little dehydrated. later someone said "oh yeah, being on the snow and all that exercise can really dehydrate you". yeah, sure, only not as much alcohol the night before hehehehe

then we headed over towards our run through the trees. rang our mate who showed us the way the previous day, and about 30-40 mins later we arrived at the top for another few runs of lunacy :-) the first jump had me unstuck, then my mate who was following fell over trying to avoid me. then down the burms and hit the jump at the bottom and onto the bruises left on my arse from the previous day. we thought that was pretty silly. so we did it again. emboldened by a few successfull jumps (like, i hit the jump, land on my feet and go "woohoo! landed on my feet" and then i fall over) i hit the big jump again at the bottom, land on my board, and then my arse. later i try another jump even harder and ring my bell big time. back of the board, arse, head, crunch. oooooo. moan a bit, giggle, pick up beannie and sunnies and head off again.

i decided i wasn't gonna stay all day and drive home exhausted in the dark. so i left around 1:30. stopped every hour or so to get out, drink a red bull and go again. stopped for a piss at cooma, came back to the car to find the passenger asleep, with the passenger door open. i close my door and it scares the shit out of him and he wakes. i think he was gonna get out and stretch and fell asleep with the door open. i got home at around 6:30pm, unpacked the car, which was full of everyone else's gear (somehow i ended up being the pack mule as i was leaving early), and passed out by 8:00, after only half a beer

get through queenbeyan just in front of some mad accident that apparently, according to the radio, ended up with a car on fire. we musta only just missed it because we hadn't reached the hume highway when an ambulance rescue vehicle and a police 4wd screamed past us the other way. then we heard about it on the radio. a group of our friends skiied until lifts stopped then left, and drove home in the dark. somewhere around cooma was another big accident and they got diverted. they got home around 12:00. screw that.


it was bloody great fun. did some stupid stuff, got away with it. bruised, sore, tired, but i'll live. gotta go again...

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